It's About the Experience...

Make no mistake, there is more to a Hookah Lounge then smoke! Its about the vibe, the mood, the crowd, the music..... We get it! Walking into Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge is like walking into the high point of a really great party. Our staff and our crowd are chill, laid back people who enjoy good hookah, good music, and know how to have and show a good time!


Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge Best Hookah Flavors

A hookah lounge can only ever be as good as the shisha that is in their bowls. Cloud9 serves wide variety of flavors made from the finest hookah tobacco available.

In addition to the standard menu of hookah flavors the BowlMasters on location at the lounge are masters in creating new and delicious flavors on the spot! The choice is yours!(See Menu)


Best music played nightly that will keep you dancing!

Picked by YOU, spun by our in house DJ's, the rhythms keep the place alive and moving. Feel like dancing? There is room enough for that too!

Location right off the freeway for easy access


Hookah is social! Its always been social! Cloud is located at a convenient place right off the 215 Beltway and Rainbow, its easy to get to and its a great time!


Good hookah is a universal language spoken by people around the world! It also has the ability to draw crowds! Big crowds! Big crowds of fun people! The style, energy,attitude at Cloud9 has the potential to appeal to just about anybody. However, its our dedicated fans that really make this place happen in a big way! Come find out why our lounge is the place to be!